Ewalk Energy provide rising overhead costs cause in a company’s profitability. Our solar power plant solutions help industries reduce electricity bills and divert the funds to more productive avenues. They also provide consistent electricity output for seamless business operations. It reduces peak loading of the grid following to which the variable cost is also reduced.  Solar for Industries is an ultimate model for achieving the goal of 100MW Solar Mission of Pan India.

Residential Rooftop System

Residential rooftop best saving opportunity with domestic segment and effective Cost of electricity for Residential, Apartment, common spaces like stairways, open areas, lifts, and water pumps can be significantly reduced by going with solar. Our solar power solutions, Residential societies and standalone houses can achieve significant savings on their electricity bills, and be guarded against the rising tariff rates. Installing solar rooftop system will also help in appreciation of market value of your asset. We provide assistance in applying for subsidy, wherever eligible.

Institutional Rooftop System

Our solar power solutions ensure hassle free power supply, provide significant savings in electricity bills, and also inspire future generations on renewable sources of energy. Consistent supply of electricity is a basic requirement to provide hindrance free education. Installing solar panels help maintain an image of an environment-friendly institute and increases the brand value. Institutes can also reduce education fee owing to reduced operational electricity costs, eventually keeping them ahead of competition.  We have successfully installed rooftop solar solutions in many schools as a part of CSR of renowned companies.

Rooftop System

The Rooftop System is Ideal for scenarios where open ground space isn’t available. With rooftop solar empty rooftop can be put to use for power generation. Rooftop solar installations are known to reduce leakages and improve insulation.

Ground Mount System

Ground Mounted solar plants work well on large open space and can give benefit of significant long-term savings. Ideal for institutions and industries where captive consumption is high and open spaces are available for use.

Net Metering

In case of solar project set by LT, HT /EHV consumer for captive use, the energy set-off shall be allowed between 07:00 hours to 18:00 hours of the same day. That means, generated solar energy during a day shall be consumed by LT, HT /EHV consumer during 07:00 hours to 18:00 hours on the same day. The surpluses energy after the specified period shall be purchased by Discom at rates specified under this policy. In the absence of grid power, the Rooftop SPV will continue to supply the power in case of hybrid setups.